The Gravity Chair is 100% made up of Urethane foam. It’s soft and elastic properties make the seating experience comfortable, yet offers the support needed. The Gravity Chair with its 30 year reputation is now in its 4th generation; over these years has seen the seating technology’s continuous improvement and evolution.

Two Available Types

Two Available Types Depending on Desired Function

Depending on needs and preferences, we have two types of seat covers for the gravity chair.


Fabric properties that emphasize ventilation

The seat cover is a fusion of two materials that enable superb ventilation but keeps it dirt free. To further improve the prevention of moisture build up, a built-in cooling fan can be installed.

air type

Wipe-Down (PU leather)

Fabric properties that emphasize the preventionof dirt and/or of odors.

The seat cover is made of soft and comfortable synthetic leather; a special material which is waterproof to prevent dirt and odor, but breathable to keep it from getting stuffy.

leather type


Sitting supports our mental and physical health through our daily lives.

Through our daily lives, we sit, stand, walk or even run against an invisible force that we all take for granted. Gravity functions as an essential component to our well being; it is our means of stabilizing ourselves, our resistance against the force of gravity that stimulates and maintains muscular strength and well being. Once we become bedridden, we are no longer stabilizing ourselves against the force of gravity, and so muscle atrophy can result along with negative impacts on our bone density and cardiovascular system. Contrary to lying in bed, sitting requires our muscles to stabilize our posture. Therefore sitting is an important function in maintaining health.
The Gravity Chair allows you to keep your sitting posture, independent from other’s support, with ease and in comfort. Therefore, the Gravity Chair will play a role in supporting the individual’s physical and mental wellbeing.


User Friendly Design

Ready to use, easy to carry. The user and family friendly chair.

We developed the Gravity Chair to be as handy and portable as possible so you can take it wherever whenever you want to. When you first take it out of its box, fiddly adjustments aren’t necessary; its ready for use. Made of soft and elastic urethane, its lightweight properties makes it ideal to carry around when on the move. The Gravity Chair has been designed to not only be user friendly, but family friendly too.


1 Main Unit

Main Unit

Made appropriately of soft and elastic urethane foam that exhibits superb breathability.

2 Headrest


Large and stable 3-D shape.

3 Seat Liner

Seat Liner

There are 5 colours to choose from. The seat liner improves comfort and adds additional support and grip.

4 Belt Holder

Belt Holder Rubber Cord

Belt Holder Rubber Cord keeps the strap from dropping on the seat while seated.

5 Side Pocket

Side Pocket

Handy for books, towels or small belongings.

6 Wedge Mat

Wedge Mat

It allows you to adjust the seat’s angle in order to achieve the user’s optimal point of balance and comfort.

Adjustable Seat Angle

Wedge Mat enables optimal seat angle.

The Wedge Mat allows you to adjust the seat’s angle by simply inserting it under the chair. Anti-slippers are attached at the upper and lower ends to hold the angle in place.




Colors at Your Choice

Choose your favorite seat liner from five colors.

5 colors to choose from. The seat liner improves comfort and adds additional support and grip. The material is made of 3-D mesh fabric that exhibits superb breathability.






Optional Accessories

Optional accessories meeting the voices of users and their families.

Therapy Tray

Serves as a multipurpose tray and an aid for balance and support.

Placed on the armrests of the Gravity Chair, it serves as a handy multipurpose tray. It assists the individual with balance support particularly when he/she is using the tray for activities (e.g. drawing/writing, eating/drinking, games etc). Small and Large sizes are available.



Wooden Utility Table

Multi-purpose mobile table

For dinner, study and play, wooden-made board, height-adjustable, 4 castor wheels with stopper, durable and easy to clean. Made in Japan. Available chair size: M – XL



Removable Incontinence Receiver

Protects the chair from incontinence.

Removable, easy-to-wash, water-proof but breathable for comfortable texture. Available in 4 sizes, color: Black.



Size Chart


Seat depth 24cm
Age 2 – 6 year
Body height 90 – 110cm


Seat depth 30cm
Age 6 – 10 year
Body height 110 – 130cm


Seat depth 38cm
Age 10 – 13 year
Body height 130 – 150cm


Seat depth 43cm
Age 13 year +
Body height 150 – 170cm
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Use ApprovedService Dealers/Agentsto purchase Gravity Chair.

Servicing the Gravity Chair requires a specialized understanding and skillsets along with specifically made components for any repairs. We strongly suggest to purchase, service and/or repair through our approved workshops and/or agents/service dealers.