Conforms to several international safety standards

Designed, engineered and manufactured by automotive factory.

Carrot-3 is a special needs car seat that conforms to three major international safety standards, ECE R44/04 in Europe, FMVSS in the U.S., and FAA for use in the Aircraft.

ECE R44/04

ECE R44/04

FMVSS No.213

FMVSS No.213



History of Development

The preferred choice in 39 countries

With the awareness that there are only a few tailored car seats made for children with disabilities, motivated the development of the CARROT car seat.
The initial stages of development began in 1997 and from that, the first CARROT chair emerged in 1999. This had been the first car seat for children with disabilities produced in Japan that complies with all of Japan’s safety standards including crash tests.

The CARROT series has been the preferred choice by children in 39 countries including Germany, United States and Australia along with Japan. Since its inception, we have been dedicated to its development and improvement, in keeping with current standards and feedback we receive. We continue to strive for excellence in all of its facets.




Chosen by ANA

Since October 1st., 2019, the Carrot-3 has been officially adopted by ANA (All Nippon Airways), one of the world’s leading airlines, as a special needs child seat for in-flight rental, and is used on Japan domestic flights as well as many of ANA’s international flights.

ANA’s website 



Selected Materials, Elaborated Functions

We continue to pursue functionality in keeping with Safety standards




The Carrot 3’s backrest has recline functionality that syncs with the vehicle’s fixed seat’s mobility.


Easy & QuickAdjustable Straps

CARROT 3 Seating’s five support straps are adjustable at one place.


Easy Installation on Various Types of Vehicle Seats

CARROT 3 can be installed in various seats and vehicles e.g. passenger seats, school bus, aircraft etc.


The OXY-max® hasSuperb Ventilation

OXY-max®, a breathable 3D mesh structured fabric, is applied to the backrest and seat covers to prevent it from getting sweaty and stuffy, thus keeping it dry. This makes it ideal for those long drives.

3 Colors to choose from

Choose from red, blue or black.







Optional Accessories

The car seat has expansion capability and can be adjusted depending on needs and/or to suit the growing individual.

CARROT 3’s infrastructure/frame allows for long term use, factoring in the growing individual. Rather than having to purchase a new seat, the CARROT 3 can be adjusted and configured with optional accessories.

 All Optional Accessories and Their Functions (PDF)




1 – 2 Years Old

Use seat set with Body Balance Pad, according to the body size.


7 Years Old

Add a Seat Extension and a Rodded Seat Extension on the legs and a Backrest Extension.


13 Years Old

Add Shoulder Protector Wings and remove useless Body Balance Pad.



Exchange the seat to CARROT 3 XL with retaining the backrest.

  • CARROT31
  • CARROT32
  • CARROT33
  • CARROT34
  • CARROT35
  • CARROT36

Related Product

carrot3 XL


We now offer seats suitable for adults.

The CARROT XL accommodates adults with disabilities. Its slim line design works seamlessly with vehicle’s fixed seat, offering the lowest elevation possible in line with safety standards.

Specifications & Sizes

The sizes of CARROT 3 in standard setting and with Shoulder Protector Wings.

Suitable User

Allowable weight: 10 – 49kg
Suitable age: 2 – 15 years old



Standard Setting

Total width 420mm
Backrest height 520~645mm
Seat depth 250mm(+35mm)
Seat width (inside) 260mm
Product weight 8.7kg


With Shoulder Protector Wings

Total width 460mm~560mm
Backrest height 670~795mm
Seat depth 250mm(+35mm)
Seat width (inside) 260mm
Product weight 10.5kg


Use ApprovedService Dealers/Agentsto purchase the CARROT 3

Servicing the CARROT-3 requires a specialised understanding and skillsets along with specifically made components for any repairs. We strongly suggest to purchase, service and/or repair through our approved workshops and/or agents/service dealers. (Please note, they are not sold in car accessory stores.)