Tutorial Videos

1. General Instruction

Category List 

1.2 Notes on Sitting

1.3 Re-arranging Harness Straps When Reclining the Vehicle’s Seat

1.4 Easy Carrying with Mattress Bag


1.5 Hinge Lock Belt – for easy carrying

1.6 Fixing Strap to Aircraft Seat

3. Shoulder Support

Category List 

3.1 Fitting Harness Straps

3.2 Shoulder Protector Wing: The Role and Width Adjustment

3.3 Extending Harness Straps
*For Dealers


3.4 Installing and Removing Shoulder Protector Wing
*For Dealers

4. Chest and Back Support

Category List 

4.1 Adjusting Chest-Support Height

4.2 Adjusting Backrest

4.3 Backrest Extension


4.4 3D Body Balance Pads

4.5 Replacing Chest-Support
*For Dealers

4.6 Replacing Harness Buckle
*For Dealers


4.7 Anti-Escape Vest

5. Waist Support

Category List 

5.1 Seat Angle Adjuster Mat

5.2 Air-Mesh Pads/Cushions Set

5.3 Supporting Table


5.4 Switching the Seat Depth
*For Dealers

5.5 Pelvis Lock Harness
*For Dealers

5.6 Replacement of Harness Adjuster Strap
*For Dealers

5.7 Anti Adduction / Knee Separator Pad

5.8 Removable Incontinence Receiver

6. Leg and Foot Support

Category List 

6.1 Rodded Seat Extension-Long

6.2 Rodded Seat Extension-Short

6.3 Seat Extension


6.4 Footrest
*For Dealers

7. XL/Booster Seat

Category List 

7.1 Installing XL/Booster Seat

7.2 Crotch Belt for XL/Booster Seat

7.3 Anti Escape Belt XL/Booster Seat

7.4 Replacing XL/Booster Height Adjuster Bar Bracket
*For Dealers